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How much internet speed do you actually need

How much internet speed do you actually need?This is the question which involves a lot of variables. Internet speed for streaming,browsing and online gaming widely vary based on your needs and consumption. Streaming movies at a 4k resolution on Netflix for instance consumes more bandwidth as opposed to streaming at 720p. All this should be accounted for when choosing an internet subscription package, but as a general rule of thumb- the higher the speed the better the experience.

Internet usage is highly dependent on a couple of factors, including:-

Number of connected devices

For instance, there are those family times when they are streaming their favourite Tv shows at 4K. I'm backing up large files to a remote server which sometimes can run into gigabytes of data, while at the same time im checking e-mail in the background and listening to soothing music on spotify while scribbling notes which will in a moment be presented via a zoom video conference. So, altogether, it adds up to almost 20Mbps. This does not factor when you have friends over or more devices are connected and the kids are playing online games.

You might understand your current data uses but what if you’re upgrading or using a new service like netflix, amazon or hulu? We breakdown an estimate of how much internet speed you will need to run some of the most popular applications and services.

What fibre speed do I need for Streaming?

For streaming on Netflix at a standard resolution of 480p, you will need a 3Mbps internet connection as per Netflix’s specifications. You get a single screen and the same content to view as the other packages.

The catch here, is to opt for an uncapped internet package that ensures you watch all the content you want efficiently. If you’re a single user, a 3-5Mbps uncapped package is sufficient. See our home packages here

What about online gaming?

Gaming is usually resource intensive and hence require an uncapped, unthrottled package with at least 10Mbps download speed. High spec multiplayer games like PUBG tend to be heavy on the usage and reach up to  1GB an hour or more. But there are much simpler games that use around 100MB per hour. Explore our packages

What speeds are ideal for web browsing?

For a basic or typical user exploring basic features like social media browsing, email and watching standard definition video on YouTube then you can settle for a smaller 2-3Mbps package. A family with multiple users should consider a capped package of at least 10Mbps connection speed. Families should ideally consider an upgrading their package if they foresee their internet usage change over time.

Working from home, here is the ideal internet speed?

Depending on your nature of work, these speeds should range from 3Mbps to 10Mbps with VoIP calls and video calls. Downloading and scanning large files require good connection and a solid cap. If you’re looking at getting into freelance for most industries, you ought to review your download/update needs on various programs you work on and how much of internet time you use.

Are you a heavy internet user?

Paying for high bandwidth, does not mean you always get it. Internet service providers often throttle your service if you're a heavy bandwidth user or when the traffic is high. To see if this is happening to you, run a speed test, and note the results. Then download a VPN. Usually, your numbers will be less when you're running a VPN. Security comes at a performance cost. But, if by any chance your speeds are better with a VPN, there is a high probability you're being throttled.

This goes without saying, but if you really aren't getting enough bandwidth with your current package and you have no other options, you can always pay for a higher-level package plan to get the speed that matches your needs.

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