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Factors to consider before choosing an internet

Conducting your research is the best way to ensure you are getting the right internet package and value for your money for your household’s needs. Before committing to a specific internet service provider, make sure all of your questions are answered and you know exactly what you will be paying for.

What type of internet service is available in my area and which one is best?

The 3 common types of internet service are DSL, cable and fiber optic. Unfortunately, you don’t always have a choice about your internet service since some regions only provide one of these three options. At stimanet we offer all 3 options depending on your location. Call us to learn more

What are all the internet plans available in my area?

Our internet covers most of the nothern by-pass area of Nairobi which includes Ruiru, Kahawa, Membley and Juja. Our home internet packages and work internet packages are similar for all these regions. See our coverage

Most internet providers offer a range of speeds to accommodate the needs of all types of internet users. Even if you determined your preferred internet plan before speaking to a representative, you should still ask about different plan options and coverage. Internet plans often vary based on location and there could be other options available that you aren’t aware of. Also make sure to ask about both upload and download speeds as the advertised speed is usually just the download speed.

How do I know what speed I need for internet?

In this article we guide you on deciding on what Internet plans are suitable for you. Different internet speeds are designed to accommodate certain needs, so when you are asking about speed options, ask what each speed is best for the purpose you intend to use it for. Here is an example of ideal speeds for various tasks:-

l 3-5 Mbps per device for streaming

l Above 3 Mbps for working from home

l 10 Mbps for gaming

Are there data limits?Is it capped or uncapped?

Internet providers vary considerably on their data limit policies. Make sure you know how much data you get with each package in case of capped internet and incase of unlimited or uncapped data ask if there is the potential for your internet speed to ever be throttled. Sometimes, even if you have unlimited data, providers slow your internet toward the end of the month if you are using it disproportionately more than others in your neighborhood and the network is congested. There may even be soft data limits that your provider doesn’t advertise.

Are there price increases? If so, by how much and when?

Unless a provider specifically labels a plan as “price for life,” the advertised price is most likely a promotional price. Therefore, your bill will likely increase in future. Make sure you ask what the regular rate is for each internet plan before you decide which package is the best deal.

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