Say goodbye to expensive internet installation

Times are tough amid the covid-19 crisis, stimanet wants to be the bearer of good news. Internet installation is oftenly associated with substantial upfront installation costs which makes it a deal breaker for most people. We understand this and we have a solution, we don’t want you to be worried about any additional costs apart from the monthly subscription fee, so we’ve made some changes to the installation process of Stimanet internet connection to make it easier for you.

We are currently partnering with property managers to make it simpler for you their tenant to access internet with no installation costs. This service is only available in our coverage areas i.e Kahawa, Membley, Ruiru and all the areas surrounding the Northern bypass.

Who qualifies for the free installation?

Free installation is available for all tenants who reside in an apartment, office block or living complex that is connected to stimanet. You can explore if we are in your area simply by checking out for a stimnet poster or viewing our coverage map on our website, and choosing the package from those that are available in your area.

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Kastom Technologies

Stimanet is a privately owned Kenyan internet service provider offering wifi installation and internet districution "STIMANET" brand.